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Phoenix Weekend

General NewsThursday we made a quick trip to Phoenix to visit Jay and Katrina.
While there we helped Jay build some shelves and a workbench for
his garage. Here's a few pictures of how they came out.

Here's the shelves up above.

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Rasband project

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Utah conference weekend trip

General NewsThe weekend before conference Roleen and I drove up to Michaels and
Rob flew up with Hunter and Stoney and Jay & Katrina flew in from Arizona.
The first thing we did was go to the BYU vs Utah State football game.
It was a triller which BYU won in the closing seconds.

Here's the final score

The crowd mobbed the field
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Login to see video from our Angelfire trip

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Angel Fire Trip - Clear Creek Hike - Waterfalls

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Antelope Island Buffalo

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Antelope Island Sunset - Video

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Pipe Springs

General NewsWe figured we had passed by Pipe Springs National monument at least 50 or 60
times over the years we've been traveling to southern Utah and had never stopped.
So we finally decided to take a look.

It is also a Mormon settlement commissioned by Brigham Young. It looks very
similar to Cove Fort only smaller and the building is built right on the spring. It's
main purpose was to provide food for the builders of the St. George temple.

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Cove Fort

Family News
Located between Filmore and Beaver UT just a few
miles east of I-15.